Good Rate guarantees that we will find you the car insurance rates that you want. We search far and wide to find the policy that is best for you. To add some more oomph to our guarantee, we offer some testimonials from happy clients.

“When I bought my new car, I started looking for car insurance that offered both good coverage and affordable prices. Man, was that mission impossible. After 4 weeks of looking and not finding what I want I happened upon the Good Rate site. Thank goodness. What took me 4 weeks to not achieve took them 2 days to sort out. I had the right policy and got the paperwork settled in less than 48 hours.” – Dan Johnson

“I was getting ripped off by my car insurance something terrible and was looking for some comparisons when I found Good Rate. Within an hour of contacting them, I had an appointment with a specialist. It took 5 minutes to give her all the information she needed. Later that same day, I received an email saying that she found 3 potential options that fit my car insurance criteria and that she will call me the next day. She did and it was all handled and completed by lunch the next day. Excellent service! – John Oliver

“I hate looking for car insurance. It is always a mission. Luckily, I found Good Rate a few years ago and now I only use them. They find me the best policies for the best rates every time. They are the best!” – Jennifer Board

“Excellent service. Fast reaction time. No complaints.” – Ally Mason