Good Rate is a business that offers solutions for car insurance buyers. It is our business to find the best car insurance policies on the market at the best rates. Navigating the hundreds of policies that are available can be very daunting. That is why we are here. We will brave the policy maze for you and find you the best policy to suit your needs and your pocket.

Patrick Thompson is the man behind the genius. He is the person who is running Good Rate and making sure you get the best insurance rates. Our team of specialists and researchers are highly trained and very efficient. No-one can navigate the Internet or insurance policies the way we do. We have been operational for 7 years and have successfully matched hundreds of car owners and car insurance policies.

What exactly do we do?

The first question people ask us what exactly it is that we do. Our process and services can be explained like this;

  1. We gather information on car insurance policies every day.
  2. We update existing information to make sure that the policies we share with you are up to date and valid.
  3. We do specific searches for clients who hire us to find the best car insurance policy for them.
  4. We give you all the necessary information to get started on your policy and we tell you exactly what it entails.

Why use us?

So, why would you hire someone to find you a car insurance policy instead of doing it yourself? Simply put, because we are better at it than you are. We look for and compile car insurance policy information on a daily basis. We know how to identify the scams, the tricks, and the sly policies. If you let us do the work for you, you are guaranteed to have the best rates and the best coverage for that rate.